Complementary to marriage – policy ideas, complementary to working

Arnold Kling posts about the nice idea that many high-tax Scandinavian countries have, of providing many social benefits that are complementary to working. (From Tim Taylor)

These policies help the workers go to work and reduce many family-work balance problems.

complementary to working
Is indeed a good phrase, and an important aspect of a good social safety net. We want more able bodied people working – or taking care of babies.

That’s why the employment rate is more important than the unemployment rate.

Tho a sustainable society also needs a culture, and policies, that are
complementary to being married, with children.

Hungary is explicitly trying to do this, and more European countries are likely to be following. Quick ABC link

Among these benefits – women with 4 or more children become exempt from income taxes.

Deeper Family Studies analysis of prior Hungarian incentives, including the big change in the Constitution in 2011:

gives couples the financing they need to get a new home and live together, provided they are willing to get hitched. Hungary’s tax benefits favor families with children, and favor married filers with children the most.

I find the ability for newly married folk to afford a new home and live together is most likely the biggest incentive to get married — with getting married the biggest incentive to having babies.

A quick current note from Hungary Matters:

provides financial support for young, married couples to kickstart their life, gives a helping hand in the form of financial support for housing and home purchase, secures crèche places and expands maternity leave to grandparents so moms and dads can quickly get back to work if they want to,

More countries should be experimenting with more policies that are complementary – to getting married and to working.



How to stop e-lynching cyber bullies? $250 million lawsuit seems a good start -for Covington victims

I’m pleased to read in PJ Media that Lin Wood, lawyer for Nicholas Sandmann, is suing the Washington Post for $250 million.

“Every journey starts with a first step,” Wood, an Atlanta-based attorney who specializes in aggressive defamation suits against the media, wrote on Twitter. “The journey to achieve justice for Nick Sandmann will begin today. To borrow a phrase used by others — tick tock . . .”


Here’s the Nick Sandmann truth:


I called for Nick to sue them – I’m glad he has lawyers who are doing so.

UPDATE* (Yay!) – Here is the complaint.  It covers the situation, what happened, the slanderous lies of Phillips, maliciously repeated and amplified by WaPo, who is being sued for $50 mil. damages, and $200 mil punitive damages.

PowerLine has a good analysis of the suit, plus implications:

The Post will argue, I assume, that it isn’t defamation to quote an eyewitness who got facts wrong. The complaint tries to head off this argument by alleging that the Post “recklessly relied on Phillips.” It notes that Phillips is a political activist with a clear bias.

No doubt. However, I wonder what the implications are of allowing lawsuits against newspapers based on their choice of sources. If the Washington Post can’t rely on biased sources, its national news pages would be quite thin.

That might not be a bad thing, but I wonder whether it’s what the First Amendment contemplates.

On the other hand, the Post has special defenses against most of the conservatives it smears in its new pages, because most of its targets are public figures. Unlike ordinary citizens, public figures must show actual malice, not mere negligence, to sustain a defamation claim. Thus, a “negligent sourcing” claim presumably wouldn’t fly in a suit brought by a public figure, even if it succeeded in a case like Sandmann’s. But a “reckless sourcing” claim might.

(Same as chosen by Neo).

Here comments include a good note on falsely accused Richard Jewel – and lawyer Lin Wood.

I suspect that there will be a combination of “undisclosed” payoffs, and some public ones. Tho, because I hope for more public punishments, my “hopeful bias” may be optimistic on the publicity of the payoffs. (I think “hopeful bias” is about future speculation that is biased, where “confirmation bias” is about analysis of a past event. The hopeful might well lead to the confirmation bias in interpretation).

Since Sandmann seems like such a nice guy, I can imagine him not pushing for maximum expected money (accepting lower but certain payoff), and instead go for maximum publicity & apology (plus some money. Millions instead of hundreds of millions).

Only when the lying and slanderous Dem media start losing money from their slanders, will they stop slandering folk.

My dream, almost-certain to be never realized, is that “racist” and “sexist” become terms that, if used against a normal person, can be the basis for a defamation suit. A suit that wins when that normal person shows they are not racist or sexist. (… an impossible dream)

From the complaint:
The Post must be dealt with the same way every bully is dealt with and that is hold the bully fully accountable for its wrongdoing in a manner which effectively deters the bully from again bullying other children.

I actually don’t think $250 mn will be enough to stop it — but it will help, being a fine start, and if combined with lots of other suits, might reduce the Fake News.

Deep state Coup attempt failed – yet continues like a zombie

Mark Penn tells details about McCabe – Rosenstein attempts to oust Trump, including the 25th amendment, but mostly the Mueller witch hunt.  Who is he?

Mark Penn…was chief strategist on Bill Clinton’s 1996 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign, and Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

This Democrat talks about the deep state officials:

They upended our election process, fanned partisan political flames, distorted our foreign policy by isolating us from Russia, and abused the powers of their office.

I don’t know if their abuse of power is so criminal that they will be tried, and found guilty, but they should be tried.  He concludes:

Every Democrat, Republican and independent should stop angling for partisan advantage and agree, regardless of who is helped or hurt, that these officials acted without proper authority and are responsible for unprecedented damage to our democracy and our political system.

I agree with him, and am outraged at the bureaucrats, as well as those now in semi-power that are not yet indicting them.  Sessions failed on this, sadly.  Hopefully Barr will push thru.

VDH writes a similar note titled Autopsy of a Dead Coup.

The illegal effort to destroy the 2016 Trump campaign by Hillary Clinton campaign’s use of funds to create, disseminate among court media, and then salt among high Obama administration officials, a fabricated, opposition smear dossier failed.

But Neo doesn’t think it dead yet; and I think it continues like a zombie.  Still able to cause a lot of damage.

Trump needs the DOJ to go after Clinton’s Uranium One collusion with Russia, the Clinton (bribery) Foundation and its non-legal slush funds, and the illegal server which had a “sham” investigation. Along with those involved in the obstruction of justice.
Indictments. Trials. Maybe some “not guilty” verdicts, maybe all “not guilty”. But America needs the trials.

The scum that rose to the top of the Dem supporting deep state. They all deserve prison, as does HRC.
It’s not too late? to Lock Her Up.

Commenter Snow on Pine says it aint’ gonna happen:

Tom Grey–Trump can’t go after anyone.

It appears that, once appointed, every person Trump has appointed to head one of these Departments or Agencies has–from the evidence–immediately started to work at guaranteeing the institutional survival and continued prosperity of the organization they were appointed to head (and presumably clean up), by covering everything with a thick, obscuring blanket of fog, refusing, first, Congressional requests, then subpoenas for documents, “sanitizing” documents so severely as to render them useless, refusing to provide witnesses to testify, etc.

In effect, protecting these coup plotters, rather than finding and ridding their Departments and Agencies of these disloyal and seditious Cabal members.

Sadly, Snow seems all too correct. I believe we will NOT see Barr going after anyone with indictments that lead to trials.
So the coup plotters get away with this one.
And there will be more in the future.

The tribalist demonization of normal Reps will continue, and includes GOPe Reps who care more about their socialist pro-abortion friends and status among those folks, than about conservative principles.

The slight silver lining is that Trump remains an “underdog”, beset by the Dems, the media, the colleges, the deep state gov’t — all the elite. For Trump, this might help him get reelected in 2020 more than fighting against the slowly losing deep state perps, now almost zombies in continuing to bang about Russia collusion.

The USA needs indictments. It’s not clear that Trump does.

There’s even pushback against Mark Penn, by Dems thinking he Sounds Too Trumpy

[Phillipe] Reines, who allows that Penn shouldered too much of the blame for Clinton’s 2008 defeat, adds: “I think he wants relevance and I think he wants revenge.”

As I’m reading about Mark, I’m thinking about how much media attention McCain type Reps get … by bashing Reps.  And how few Dems there are that are willing to criticize other Dems.


Don Surber and Better Journalism – starting with notes on Fake News

Don Surber, a retired real journalist, has his own blog, and most days has multiple short items.  Recently:

What They Mean by Russian Collusion – including claiming Trump made 8,158 false or misleading statements

What Waldman meant by media mistake was that the wrong candidate won. The media mission was to elect Hillary president. The media promoted the Republican candidate the experts deemed the easiest foe for her, tore him apart, and prepared to party like it was 1999 on election night. …
They knew the Russian dossier was cowpies because Fusion GPS had shown the dossier of opposition research to reporters six weeks before the election, and they all turned it down.


[TG] 8k lies? Like my crowd was bigger than your crowd? (No official number, no proof either way, Fake News was comparing Obama talking to Trump 2 hrs before).

No Trump lie like “You can keep your doctor”.
No Trump lie like “No confidential messages on the illegal server”.

Trump exaggerates & blusters & boasts — but if he says a third of the female migrants coming from Latin America are raped or harassed, and some other study says it’s 31%, we’re supposed to say that’s misleading???

Fake News is full of irrelevant Fake Fact Checkers.

Real Story on the Budget — most “poison pills” previously described, were actually NOT part of the bill.

the bill provides historic funding levels for ICE and Customs and Border Protection, a rejection of liberal efforts to kill the agencies. It was a 7 percent budget increase for a combined $21.5 billion.

I don’t always comment, but often do.

Trump got a deal — partial win for his side; partial win for the Dems.
That’s what good deals do.
He makes good deals.

I wish he had shutdown the gov’t again, and pushed to get all $5.7 bln. He has chosen the National Emergency route. He knows better the actual voting situation.

I expect he will continue fighting/ asking publicly for more money for a Wall, and continue blaming all crimes by illegal aliens on the fact that we don’t have a Wall. At the same time, the problem will be getting slowly less severe.

How the Media Can Stop Beclowning ItselfThe Jussie Smollett story blew up in the media’s faces just like the Covington Catholic story blew up and just like every story about President Donald John Trump has.

NYT: Trump Stopped the Caravan – sob story of a woman fleeing from seeing murder in Honduras.

[TG] Too many terrible countries have been following too much neo-socialist Big Gov’t advice on development since WW II. Ya, crimelord gang leaders control cities in Honduras, just as gov’t there controls “foreign aid” to make sure only the elite really benefit.

The help needed is foreign investment in small, private jobs — and honest police. No country, nor Chicago ward, can really advance without honest police.

Snow too thick to plow stops skiers in CA Resorts – climate alarmists claiming there will be no snow by the end of the century.

[TG] What would be smart is to have better water policies, in CA and elsewhere. Planning, with engineering and water control changes, for more floods, and more droughts.

Whether there is global warming or not, humans should be more in control of survival thru too much water, or ice, or snow; or too little.

Pricing of water would be a good start in CA, so water users pay more for more use of water, and everybody pays a bit less in taxes

Japan Nominates Trump for Nobel – Japan, with South Korea, doing the honors.

[TG] Glad he was nominated.  Hope he wins!
But he won’t… tho whoever does win, will look small in comparison.

Reaction to the Wall Amuses MeNational Review, the Washington Post, and every celebrity in Hollywood condemned President Donald John Trump last night. …

The president finally declared the mass invasion from Mexico a national emergency. The wall will go up.

This has been an emergency for decades. The refusal of Washington to react has led to violent crime, welfare fraud, depressed wages, and a deterioration of the American culture.

600 New Coal JobsArch Coal announced it will open a new mine in the northern coalfields of West Virginia. President Donald John Trump in America makes mining profitable again.


Fighting Socialism – with better policies, like a Job Guarantee, and tax policy

Neo has a Rebirth of Socialism post that refers to a well-titled essay What To Do About the Rebirth of Socialism, which doesn’t say too much about what to do, so much as how we got here.

Socialism filling the gap left by religion.  Which is certainly true, but not nearly all of it, as Neo says:

it appeals to certain basic aspects of human nature that will always be with us: covetousness, anger, guilt, a desire to feel righteous, and the need for simple-sounding solutions. But there’s also the obvious fact that many many decades ago the left set its sights on taking over the educational system, and has done so successfully.

The socialists have taken over the educational system.

I’m interested in solutions, even more than how we got here, tho the problems in how we got here must be solved to avoid coming back.

Everybody wants a Free Lunch – one that is paid for with Other People’s Money. Even the rich are happy to accept free lunch invitations.  Magic Thinking believes that there does exist a Free Lunch.  Altruistic Socialists actually do believe in this Magic Thinking.

Neo is absolutely correct that Mathew’s article fails to discuss the Magic Thinking surface attraction of socialism. And secondly that it’s so very clear the socialists have taken over the schools, and have been the primary moral influence in schools for many decades.

Not parents, not churches, not even quite Hollywood & TV & Movies, but it schools and teachers who have been the primary moral influence.

Many, if not most, educators would agree with AOC about the moral authority of socialism, and “doing what is right”. The world is indeed unfair; socialism fails partly by falsely changing the unfairness into an injustice, and claiming to be against the injustice (SJWs). Unfair is not the same as unjust, tho it feels like it. Injustices are caused by people, unfairness (like beauty, or brains) is caused by reality / God.

In Mathew’s article, I see that the Dems in America want to turn the USA into what the USSR has devolved into:   squabbling nationalities and kleptocracies

The tribal identity push is certainly full of squabbling. And the big money the Dems & Tech Giants are throwing around seem like good examples of neo-kleptocracies. Venezuela might seem terrible for most of the people, but there are leaders who have gotten fabulously wealthy.

What is to be done? Yes to Irving’s  voluntary and compulsory insurance schemes—old-age insurance, disability insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance.

More, (1) a voluntary Job Guarantee, where the US gov’t offers everybody a job.
UBI (income for all) is terrible — but a job offer for everybody is not. At a rate starting at 80% of a US Army enlisted man’s pay. The gov’t can NOT, ever, give self-respect. Doing a job allows everybody to earn their own respect, as well as the respect of others.

(2) Vouchers for K-12 education. The Rep failure to get vouchers has almost destroyed the US, this should be one of the highest priorities.

(3) Ending tax-advantages and exemptions for colleges which have been discriminating against Reps. Whether by Quotas (20%? half the avg of the last four Pres. elections in pop. vote?), or other means, colleges need more Reps as professors and administrators.

(4) Define a “fair tax” goal. Mine is that the median income increases faster than the top 1%, those at the 99% level. The goal is to maximize the increase of income for the median worker, and that likely means more equal income vs capital gains taxes, and other changes. Reducing the gini co-efficient is not the best goal; we should be pushing this 99%/50% income ratio to be changing over time by the 50% amount getting larger.

Socialism has become the Politically Correct idea of economics.  And the substitute for worship.  Those who disagree are heretics, not merely folks with different opinions.

Liberal Orthodoxy and the New Heresy This is terrible. We must be able to agree to disagree.  But the PC-Klan treats any who disagree as a heretic, and increasingly socialism is included there.  Colleges without Republicans need to lose their tax advantages.

Happy Love Songs – Not Just for Valentine’s Day

Happy Love Songs

Do You Wanna Dance  (Beach Boys, my first)

Do You Wanna Dance (Bobby Freeman)

Happy Together

I Feel Fine    

I’m Into Something Good

Love is All Around   

Bus Stop    

Sugar, Honey Honey

Love Grows (where my Rosemary goes)    

I Love You More Today Than Yesterday


You Baby    

Doo Wah Diddy

Glad All Over

Good Vibrations

Steppin’ Out

Green-eyed Lady

Under the Boardwalk

Strange Magic   

the Rain, the Park & Other Things

I’ll Never Find Another You

Do You Wanna Dance (Ramones)





Cultural Socialists – Culture Despots – PC-Klan – Tribal Identity Politics

Rod Dreher makes a strong case for calling Trump the Katechon 

In Christian theology, there’s a term from one of St. Paul’s letters, katechon. It means “one who withholds,” and is meant by St. Paul as an unspecified restraining force that holds back the advent of the Antichrist. The term has migrated into political usage, because it’s a politically useful term. In an entirely non-theological sense, I see Trump as a katechon. I do not believe that the political forces he holds back can be restrained for much longer, simply because they are growing in popularity.

Earlier he writes about how a NY Times data analyst sees polls showing that the Dems don’t think the Dem Party is too far Left, and blames Trump for being divisive.  He discusses how so many of the Dem tribal identity politics is really where the divisiveness is coming from.  The Dems claim that Trump is undermining liberal democratic norms:

It is precisely the Left’s hostility to liberal democratic norms via identity politics that gave Trump’s candidacy fuel among many on the Right. There is nothing liberal or democratic about the tribal politics on the Left

Thanks Rod,  for such clear expression of how the Dems are projecting their own divisiveness onto Trump, a very important topic.
Read his Tweets, like I do — he’s constantly calling for Americans to act good to all other Americans. Nationalist, America First, yes. Divisive? Not really, that’s what the Dems are.

Trump has been at best a disappointment as president. He was given a great opportunity to reshape the country and reshape the Republican Party, but has pretty much blown it because he can’t resist causing pointless dramas, and because he doesn’t really care about governing.

I voted for Trump, being NeverHillary, and feeling this was, indeed, a Flight 93 election. He has been a 90% good surprise, NOT at all a net-disappointment.
Yes, he failed to Lock Her Up — tho it might yet be not too late.
Yes, he failed to build the Wall — but it was the majority Rep Congress that failed to give him the money, the GOPe.
Trump has had almost NO opportunity to “reshape the country” or the GOPe Rep Party. Actually, losing many Reps in 2018 might well allow him to, in winning in 2020, get even more Trump America First Reps elected so that in 2021, he might be able to do more actual conservative steps.

You’ve said before, very correctly, that womanizer Trump has character issues — all too similar to Alpha-jerks like Bill Clinton or JFK, or Lt. Gov. Fairfax. That remains a negative. But the #MeToo movement has shown far more Dem males as sexual harassers than Reps — so the logical conclusion should be that the Dems, in practice, are worse. That’s not the message the Dem media, nor you yourself, seem to be noting.

The silly NY Times article fails to mention the smears against Romney in 2012; the calling Sarah Palin a c**t in 2008 (Dems don’t mind total woman harassment as long as the woman being harassed is a Rep; and don’t mind too much if the harasser is a Dem, especially a Lt. Gov. or some such).
The Dems are sick with hypocrisy.

You thinking Trump has been a disappointment is delusional. You pointing out that the GOPe has been enabling Dem sickness is often true, but blaming the GOPe enablement on Trump is silly — which you often mention. But, precisely because Trump is NOT a successful authoritarian, like the silly Times claims, those GOPe folk continue to have power. To do good for conservatives (like McConnell on judges), or not do good (like Ryan and McConnell no money for the Wall).

Rod finishes strongly:

The Left is polarizing the American electorate along racial, cultural and economic lines, and exploiting the schisms — but analysts on the Left can’t see it, because inside their bubble, left-wing politics are normal. The fact is that liberal democratic norms are under attack from all sides

but not quite correctly.  The Republicans are resisting the PC-Klan cultural socialists, so far only but using democratic norms.  Neither Rod nor the Dems gives any examples of the Reps violating the norms, while there are countless examples of the Dems violating those norms.  Rod even writes about them:

Social Justice = Cultural Socialism << Rod’s lead is an example of unjust acceptance to university (high scoring high grade white fails to get in, lower scoring non-white does get in) The PC-Klan against white males.

It’s unfairness in the name of “fairness.”

Equal opportunity is the American way — not equality of outcome. People who say otherwise ought to be called out for what they are: cultural socialists.

Cultural Socialism In The Law  << Rod’s example of where the PC-Klan is injecting tribal politics into the law in Canada, and how this is coming to the USA:  How Social Justice Ideologues Hijacked a Legal Regulator

The Law Society’s working group declared that one of its objectives was to ensure “better representation of racialized licensees, in proportion to the representation in the Ontario population, in the professions, in all legal workplaces and at all levels of seniority.” Note the specificity of this objective. Every lawyer and paralegal is now expected to adopt and promote racial representation according to proportion in the general population “in all legal workplaces” and “at all levels of seniority”—an enforced mosaic or grid of de facto quotas in vertical and lateral compartments based, essentially, on skin colour.

Quotas, coercively enforced by internal Law Society rules, not directly by the State. This Canadian is winding down his successful, progressive law practice, to attempt to get elected and fight back within the system.  I wish him luck.

The willingness of GOPe folk to accept, for decades, the “open secret” that colleges discriminate against Rep professors is now creating a tide of demonization against Reps.  All of the institutions are being overrun by indoctrinated, anti-Rep, anti-American college graduates.

Shame Storm – we need more defamation suits, less racism

One of the early Shame Storm victims was Helen Andrews, now a Washington Examiner Magazine managing editor. She is interviewed on C-Span about a negative video put up by her ex-boyfriend about their split, which went viral and created negative complications.

Full Transcript.

This is related to the Covington Catholic High School defamatory shame storm.  These folk doing the shaming are part of the Dem PC-Klan.  And when they are falsely accusing a target, they need to get sued.  Here’s a note that the lying Native American Phillips is likely to be sued — altho I’d guess there’s not much money to receive, even if he loses.

At Yale, they’re quite willing to be looking for a reason to do an e-lynching:

“I’m watching you, white boy.”

That’s one of the final lines in a recent racially charged op-ed by Isis Davis-Marks published in the Yale Daily News. Davis-Marks calls for students to try to ruin the reputations of white male Yalies by collecting political opposition research at college parties and spreading unsubstantiated gossip and allegations as widely as possible.

Too many innocents are going to be hurt in the coming years.

We need more lawsuits, sooner, against the e-lynchers – those who slander in a shame storm.

Only losing enough lawsuits will stop this nonsense.

What we still have to lose – after the Flight 93 election (not lost)

Great and important and well read pre-election 2016 about the terrors coming from the terrible Clinton.   The Flight 93 Election.  Everybody should have read it, it is STILL relevant.  If I hadn’t already been NeverHillary, I would have been convinced. The author was ““, penname of Michael Anton.

Michael has a new book with more to say about What We Still Have to Lose, and how our culture war will continue. The book is available to buy now.  The article about it adds that there is more depth to what conservatives want to keep.

These are dangerous times. The Left has made them so and insists on increasing the danger. Leftists hold virtually every commanding height in our society—financial, intellectual, educational, cultural, administrative—and yet they affect the posture of an oppressed and besieged “resistance.”

Nonsense. The real resistance is led by President Trump. It is resistance to the Left’s all-consuming drive for absolute power, its hostility to all American and Western norms—constitutional, moral, prudential—and its boundless destructive enmity. If I have been persuaded by any criticism of “The Flight 93 Election,” it is that I was ungenerous to Trump.

Constitutional, moral, prudential.  Reps have long talked about the first two, constitutional and especially moral, with an emphasis on natural law and religion. But not so much the third.

Tyler Cowen calls for “commonsense morality” in a Reason interview titled, “gospel of prosperity”:

Talk about commonsense morality.

That term comes from the British philosopher Henry Sidgwick. It’s simply what ordinary, smart, well-meaning people will tell you if you ask, “How should I live my life?” They’ll say, “Work hard, save some money, marry well, be good to family, cultivate your friends.” All that’s commonsense morality. My book defends that and also tries to argue that if more people followed it more strictly, that would in fact coincide with this call of maximizing sustainable economic growth.

Tyler focuses on how our lives could, and should, be better with more prosperity.  Which comes from the Western norm of being prudential.


NO – to Socialism, not Econ, not Culture

Rod Dreher writes a good post about Socialism 2020, and the Dems going towards it, probably too quickly.

It’s a terrible economic system.  It’s unbelievable that so many US and world elite still support it, especially after Venezuela.  A socialist failure, not just a commie failure.

But Rod more importantly writes about the socialist culture that is coming, with notes from ex-Eastern Europeans who escaped communism.

I’ve found that the more you dig down into the literature (fiction and non-fiction) of anti-communist dissidents, the more chilling it is to see what’s happening in this country, and how it is being prepared for what James Poulos calls the “pink police state” — a kinder, gentler version of what my sources endured before defecting or getting out.

I now call it the PC-Klan.  The Dems used to hate blacks because they were black.  Now they hate normal folk because they are normal.

There’s a strange mix of identity politics, polarization, and victim glorification.  There seems to be such an aversion to the oppressors of the victim, on the oppressor–oppressed axis, that most Dems are working on demonstrating how big a victim they are.  Of course, if you’re successful, you’re no longer really a victim — but to the Dem politicians, since there are many folk richer than they are, they are still victims.

We need better jokes.  We need to stop the PC-Klan, before they ruin more lives.  We need to “go back” to being American Americans, without all the other hyphens.

Looks like it’s going to be getting worse before it gets better.

Peter Grant agrees with a fine note about the non-productive Financialization.

Today, finance, while making up only 7% of the economy and creating a mere 4% of all jobs, generates more than a fourth of corporate profits — up from 10% 25 years ago.

This reminds me of a joke I can’t find now, about a professor of industrial management wanting to talk about how to make things.  Real things.  But the students complained. We came here to learn about making money.  We want to make money.  Maybe we should sue this school … there might be some money in that.