Global Cooling to dominate climate in 2020 – Solar Physicist V. Zharkova

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Fantastic, very important 93 min video of Professor Valentina Zharkova discussing solar sunspot science. YouTube took down one version. Here’s the “official” version from The Global Warming Policy Foundation.

The physics and math behind the separation of the two main magnetic fields was fascinating and convincing — because the model created a formula whose past predictions were pretty close to past recorded sunspot observations, and whose fairly near term predictions are close enough to be more clearly measured. This formula was derived from data from only the prior 3, of 23 well-documented, 11 year sun cycles.

She’s an Astrophysicist, and her work is on the Sun. Some of the key issues:

a) prior attempts to explain sunspot activity, and predict future cycles, have been poor. Her theory of two different magnetic fields interacting has allowed her to create a formula (with eigenvalues using cosines of cosines, real cool complex math for those so inclined), which she used years ago to make predictions about the current solar cycle having so few sunspots. Her predictions were most accurate. (Predictions from her model = hers). (I think everybody needs to believe those whose derive eigenvalues from formulas which include summations of functions with cosines of cosines – don’t you?)

b) Low sunspots, meaning low magnetic flow from the sun, should mean less sun-based magnetic protection from cosmic rays. More cosmic rays coming into the earth means more disruption of low level clouds, which mean much less cloud based heat is trapped — “opening the window for heat loss”. An important global warming model aspect is more CO2, more low clouds, more heat trapped. Instead, more cosmic rays dissipate more of the heat-trapping clouds, invalidating the CO2 models which fail to take into account cosmic ray fluctuation.

c) The Maunder Minimum is a clear, known, historic event. At that time, part of the “Little Ice Age”, the Thames river did freeze over. Using the Zharkova formula from 3 recent cycles and working backward, her formula predicts that Maunder Minimum data that was actually observed in terms of sunspot counting, which was an infant science at the time.

d) good 5 min interview hitting some of the above highlights:

e) The word “Zharkova” was probably more like Doctor Zhivago “Zh” not Z, sort of like an “Sh” is different than an S, so that shoal is not sole, Zhar is probably not Zar. Slavic languages can have a diacritic over single character c, s, and z, but the English equivalents are only for ch & sh, there aren’t really English words with that Zh. The Professor is an engaging, lively, interesting, and humble person. She is quick to claim her expertise is the Sun, not the Earth temperature. She also claims her theory is not comprehensive, using a prism of white light being decomposed into multiple wavelengths as an analogy of her decomposition of magnetic fields into different ‘Principle Components’, and so far her theory covers only ultraviolet, red, and blue — not yet all the Components.
(I find her vocal tones high and a little annoying, like so many women today, but put up with it for the content.)

f) GWPF is pushing, correctly, that the power of science is based on making accurate predictions. She’s making some strong predictions, with fairly close years of specific, limited confirmation: <I>We will see it from 2020 to 2053, when the three next cycles will be very reduced magnetic field of the sun.</I>

ht: NewNeo

g) Cooling will be bad for agriculture, so there may be food shortages.  This is a very small part of the presentation, but possibly among the most important.  We need to begin preparing.

g2) We should be looking to build more lakes, dams, & artificial reservoirs, especially on the edge of sunny but dry areas that could grow more with more irrigation.  Central Valley of Cal comes to mind — more reservoirs would also provide some support against fires.


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