Dems violate law to delay Financial Crisis report

The majority Dems in control of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (“FCIC”) voted to violate the law, and delay their report.

FCIC Media Release. (HT Keith Hennessey, at Stanford!)

The Reps voted to obey the law and deliver a report on time, noting the delay seemed to be in order to release it at the same time as a book about it.

4 Reps Media Release.

For Dems, laws & deadlines are for the little people.

Of course, part of the reason for the crisis was that big rich companies were illiquid, and possibly insolvent, and they were “required by law” to pay certain obligations on time.  Payment on time, following the laws … this is how civilizations are successfully built.  And not following the laws is how they crumble.


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An American in Slovakia, a libertarian Republican economy oriented pro-life semi-political blogger. Both developed countries and the whole world need a market economy that supports normal families.

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