From WW II to World Peace

The road to World Peace is thru Human Rights, Free Press, Free Religion Democracy (that is successful in peacefully changing leaders), Rule of Law that applies to the poor AND the rich and powerful, and Limited Government.
A world without dictators.  But Obama thinks those in Iran who oppose their dictators are undeserving of much support.  Those in Russia who dare oppose Putin are beaten up, or murdered, or tried for tax evasion if rich and almost certainly guilty like all rich in Russia, but only those who oppose Putin are tried.
Putin is not now, and has never been, the friend of democracy or human rights. Neither are the mullahs in Iran.  But leaders of both countries support nearly unlimited gov’t, and it seems that Obama does, as well.
Japan, and (West) Germany suffered defeat, unconditional surrender to the USA/ allies (including Stalin), and were rebuilt with limited governments.  The US should not be fighting unless unconditional surrender of the enemy is the goal.
But in the rebuilding, nation building a Free country, the US needs to be more honest that we don’t know how to do it well.  My own suggestion is to go more towards a Swiss Confederation of cantons / city states, with limited military, and quite limited gov’t.  The idea of freedom, like earlier community organizing, is to empower local people to have the means of, peacefully, solving their own most pressing problems, in accordance with the limited resources.  A budget.  Such a model would be better for Iraq & Baghdad, and especially Afghanistan.  Who is the Swiss President?  Who cares, has little power … Yet the Swiss are among the most economically successful, and peaceful, folk in Europe.
Community organizing in America has degenerated into creation of victim lobbies demanding cash from outside.  Foreign Aid has degenerated into supporting paperwork projects which seldom help poor people, but provide very comfy lives to the bureaucrats who are good at the paperwork.

(via Belmont Club, whom I have long been reading.  A great WW II view of the Japanese Surrender.)


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An American in Slovakia, a libertarian Republican economy oriented pro-life semi-political blogger. Both developed countries and the whole world need a market economy that supports normal families.

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