Irish-Euro Zone Crisis Blogs of note

Ronan Lyons – Ireland & the world, great charts

Irish Economy – posts and blogroll on Ireland

The Money Illusion – Scott Sumner, wanting more money (in the economy); since I agree with him, he must be right!

Calculated Risk – great charts on home prices, but also a good EU summary

VoxEU suggesting a counter-cyclical tax, but not quite specifying how to know.

Prad Krulong on Friedman supporting QE 2 — which I most agree with.  Related to the need for the ECB to reduce rates, even if that increases inflation in Germany (OK, actually Brad deLong, who deletes negative comments, but is Paul Krugman fanatic.)

Baseline Scenario — the-eurozone-endgame-four-scenarios/

Monetary Freedom — Bill Woolsey & some Free Banking


Published by TomGrey

An American in Slovakia, a libertarian Republican economy oriented pro-life semi-political blogger. Both developed countries and the whole world need a market economy that supports normal families.

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