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The Atlanta Fed Macroblog, including what monetary success in 2010 would look like. The Entrepreneurs of Necessity, showing that many laid off folk start their own businesses, is important.

Yoram Bauman, StandUp Economist.  Very funny video, especially if you’ve passed Econ 101.  I’d like to translate his cartoon economics into Slovak, but need a publisher.

City Magazine has a Fragile Urban Families short article.  All too expected, on how promiscuity (they don’t name it, tho) is terrible for poor minority city folk.

Since Fabius Maximus turned off his comments, I’ve visited him far less.  But there is still lots of good Gloom and Doom about America, usually making reasoned, strong, but one sided, points.  Today he claims The Constitution Has Died, and calls for long years of effort to build participation.  Hello? Tea Party folk — they are now participating.  They want: tax cuts & better economy, victory in Iraq & Afghanistan, marriage for men & women only.  But Fab Max doesn’t think we can afford victory in Iraq.  And with Obama incompetence, he might be right.

FM often refers to Tomdispatch, but another particular 4 scenarios of American Decline was recommended by a friend.  There is also a seemingly reasonable How the Oligarchs Took America — except it doesn’t talk about how the Dem majority voted to use taxpayer cash to bailout the rich with TARP.  Instead, it’s all about the secret rich blue blood Rep cash behind the Tea Party.  Wha wha what?  It’s preceded by the real horror story of how high cost loans to Blacks and Latinos are really making them the targets of foreclosures, far more than whites.

Roubini has a roundup on Eurozone Austerity.

Megan McArdle notes that Obama’s cut on payroll taxes, as paid by employees, is the least good for increasing employment.  She doesn’t mention that most companies are cash rich right now, and are missing a stable tax/ regulation climate in which to plan investments, and good guesses as to which investments are likely to pay off the most.

It’s good that Obama cut taxes.  Tax cutting stimulus, resulting in more win-win deals by wealth creators, have a good chance of increasing economic growth.  Still untalked about is the horrible truth that Americans are overpaid.

Sisu has a good post on GOP Bluebloods and the Politics of Envy.  Envy is the malicious desire to destroy somebody else’s good fortune.

Last Combat Operations of Jules Crittenden (Aug 2010), great list of great war books.

DaTechGuy, has some nice words for Sarah Palin.  Can she win the GOP nomination?  How can anybody else win it, when she has the fan base?

Dani Rodrik lists 5 books that are interesting, and describes his own recent book, talking about globalization; he argues we should be <i>giving up hyper-globalisation. It’s not an argument against globalisation per se, but it’s an argument against an extreme form of globalisation or pushing for increased globalisation. Because both democracy and national self-determination are also important values. We will have a better, safer, healthier economic globalisation if we accept – and do so explicitly – that democracy will remain mostly a national phenomenon, and that national self-determination is a value in and of itself, because each society has the right to select its own institutions and rules and regulations. And once you accept those, then you have to give up an extreme form of globalisation, and act accordingly.</i>


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