Ten Commandments — we need peaceful redistribution

Review of a new book out about the Ten Commandments,

How Our Most Ancient Moral Text Can Renew Modern Life
by David Hazony

The Joel Schwarz review echoes the book’s conclusion:

The Ten Commandments are the Bible’s most poignant symbol of both the complexity and the possibilities of life. Far from being a call for perfection, they embrace the nuance of humanity, the spectrum of real experience, the challenges of weakness and hope, and the need for human beings always to take responsibility for their lives.

For myself, the 10th Commandment, Thou shall not covet, is especially important.  High tax rates (on the rich!) is how the greedy non-rich show their sinful covetousness.

The failure of so much post-WW II aid to actually help create better societies in third world countries is because the Church, like its atheistic anti-rich Liberals, tries to avoid supporting a capitalism which makes the rich, richer.

Instead of peaceful investment & job redistribution, there is too much gov’t and aid.

It is in peaceful hiring of the non-rich, by the rich, which creates the peaceful redistribution those who say they want to help the poor should be supporting.

The rich hire the non-rich for one reason — to get richer.  If you don’t want the rich to get richer, you don’t want them to hire people, to offer more jobs. (Or else you’re ignorant about how and why jobs are offered by the rich.)


Published by TomGrey

An American in Slovakia, a libertarian Republican economy oriented pro-life semi-political blogger. Both developed countries and the whole world need a market economy that supports normal families.

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