The hates of Intellectuals — against Capitalism

Robert Nozick asked the important question:

Why do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism?

And answered it so well: Intellectuals now expect to be the most highly valued people in a society, those with the most prestige and power, those with the greatest rewards. Intellectuals feel entitled to this. But, by and large, a capitalist society does not honor its intellectuals. Ludwig von Mises explains the special resentment of intellectuals, in contrast to workers, by saying they mix socially with successful capitalists and so have them as a salient comparison group and are humiliated by their lesser status.

W. R. Mead talks about the CrisisAmerica has everything it needs for success in the twenty-first century with one exception: a critical mass of thinkers, analysts and policy entrepreneurs who can help unleash the creative potential of the American people and build the new government and policy structures that will facilitate a new wave of private-sector led growth.

What Mead is missing is the reality of win-win, peaceful, freely chosen purchases by customers.  Capitalism.

Ron Radosh wonders if the new editor of The New Republic can change this crisis.  And echoes Mead in concluding that too many current intellectuals can’t make the adjustment.

Central planning, using force against free people, doesn’t work well.

This is why they Hate Palin, as much (or more) as they hated Bush 43, with a wimpier hate against (wimpier) Bush41, but with a huge hate against Reagan; and starting with the hate against Nixon.


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An American in Slovakia, a libertarian Republican economy oriented pro-life semi-political blogger. Both developed countries and the whole world need a market economy that supports normal families.

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