Nov 2019 – 30 years after Velvet Revolution of 1989 against commie Lies

Slovakia is going thru a big remembrance of the Velvet Revolution of 1989, which saw the commie Czechoslovakia give up power, and 2 months later the leader became V. Havel.

Law and Liberty have a fine post about the whole Central Europe revolt: Beyond the Ideological Lie – the revolution of 1989 thirty years later

thirty years have passed since the annus mirabilis that was 1989. It was in that golden year that the peoples of East-Central Europe freed themselves from Communist bondage and began to reassert themselves as proud and independent nations.

There is a lament that so many young are so ignorant, and there is so little known by modern young folk about.  The main point is the need for a liberty within limits, for living “the Truth”.

Many quotes from Havel, Pope John Paul II (not from Reagan), and especially Solzhenitsyn, and focused on the soul:

The economic motives and concerns were real but secondary. People can tolerate poverty, at least to some extent, but not the spiritual poverty of a regime built on force and deception. The soul revolts against efforts to suffocate it. The world was witnessing a new kind of revolution, one that vindicated human nature and the traditional moral contents of life, one that freely and proudly spoke the language of good and evil and truth and falsehood.

Good and Evil.  Truth and Falsehood.  Why can’t Good win, once and for all?

Solzhenitsyn’s answer is often quoted, because it is so True:

the line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either—but right through every human heart—and through all human hearts. This line shifts. Inside us, it oscillates within the years… It is impossible to expel evil from the world in its entirety, but it is possible to contract it within each person.

The line goes thru each heart.

The American Indians have a grandfather story about two wolves fighting in every person’s heart, the Good wolf against the Evil wolf.
The grandson asks, “Which wolf will win?”
Grandfather replies, “The wolf that is fed.”

I want to feed the Good wolf.  Most people do.  But what is not so much discussed is how the Evil wolf lies, and his main lie is saying this “I am the Good wolf”.

Most of those who support evil today, or supported evil in the past, thought that they were supporting something good.

The two main problems are 1) how to know what is Good or Evil, and

2) accepting limits on actions to support the Good, so as to avoid:
the Good End justifies the Evil Means, the necessary & temporary Evil Means

2b) War is Hell, because to win in war the winners must kill those they fight.  When the Good fight in war against the Evil, the Good must kill some, or all, of the Evil.  And killing is not a good means most of the time. But in war, it really is necessary.  Which is what makes War Hell.

Human Nature has not much changed in thousands of years, and we all have the Free Will to choose which wolf we feed.

There’s also an intense Slovak election now coming in Feb., 2020, so the 30 year memory celebrations are mixed with some pre-election issues.

In America the election will be next Nov., 2020.  But already the Trump-haters are calling Trump “Evil”.  In recalling that “evil” is “anti-God”, how can secular PC folk call Trump evil?  What is the God of the PC dictators?  (While “totalitarian” might be more accurate in some ways, dictator is more understandable and more negative to more people.)

There is a long article about this in Aero:  postmodern religion and the faith of social justice

The postmodern cosmology is therefore constructivist and assumes our social constructions define cultures in which exist pervasive conflicts of inequality, dominance, and oppression, with white, male, straight, Western, European, colonialist, able-bodied, and so on possessing inordinate quantities of dominance over all else. Why? Well, that much is unclear, but it’s generally assumed to be for reasons that, whatever they are, are decidedly Socially Unjust. In the postmodern cosmology, it isn’t a righteous God who created the world and ordered it to His designs and to His glory but the self-righteous powerful and privileged who did it such that their power and privilege eternally seek to sustain themselves, their designs, and their glory.

SJWs have faith in a set of postmodern beliefs that are, except for their explicit lack of God, an alt-religion.  How special humans are.

Blank slatism is, in brief, the belief that cognitively and psychologically, all human beings are born largely identically, with minds like “blank slates” upon which can be written all the myriad modes and manners of human expression. Where, for some of the religious, we are children of God, fashioned in His divine image, for Social Justice, we are children of society, fashioned by its social constructions and the power dynamics they maintain. This view is meant to be a palliative that justifies the (postmodern) critical constructivist means by which Social Justice seeks to justify itself through both the usual tools of sophistry and insisted-upon ethical imperative.

It is this theologically vague and changing alt-religion, without a defined God, that those who are “evil” are evil because they’re against.

This is what too many Democrats now believe.

It’s not Trump Derangement Syndrome, and it wasn’t Bush Derangement Syndrome nor Palin, Reagan, nor Kavanaugh Derangement Syndrome.  It is misnamed Democrat Derangement Syndrome.   Believing those who oppose them are evil.

They’re wrong.  But they’re fanatics.  And Deranged.  Dem Derangement Syndrome.


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